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curated exhibitions.

The (un)SCENE

2015,  NYC.

"It’s about the substance, stupid."

Established in 2015 to celebrate passion over fashion, the (un)SCENE art show returns to offer a respite amidst the bustle of Armory Arts Week. In contrast to the maze of cookie-cutter, white-booth art fairs, the (un)SCENE creates a different scene – a hybrid art show/Happening designed for its visitors to have the most memorable and fun experience of this art filled week. Surprises greet , as existing paradigms will be upside down. It will combine traditional media with installation, performance, projection, dance, and music in a cohesive art experience curated by Mikel Glass, the (un)SCENE team, and made possible by sponsors like you. With our location being in Manhattan’s West 52nd Street, there are thousands of Art enthusiast streaming up and down the street, going to and coming from, the Pier 92 Armory Show. With this added opportunity, we draw inspiration from the neighborhood in transition, where on one block the most expensive luxurious residential developments can be found, then around the corner is a non-profit helping residence with affordable housing. 


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New York Times: "A Pop-Up Dinner Series With an Artsy Edge." Mar 2015. Read here.

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The (un)FAIR

2014, Hell's Kitchen, NYC.

"The antidote to the art fairs."

There’s a lot of running with crowds in the contemporary art scene, often at the expense of fostering the thing that makes artists artists – sometimes referred to as the “art spirit.”  THE(UN)FAIR was established to celebrate this spirit.  Looking at art can be serious, but it should also be fun and, most importantly, no one should ever feel intimidated to react to what they see in exactly the manner they are inspired to feel.

THE(UN)FAIR is a hybrid between an art fair, a museum exhibition, and a pop-up art show.  While the art fair paradigm is the current juggernaut of marketing fine art, the overt commercializing of the experience precludes the element of rawness, experimentation and surprise.  THE UN(FAIR) presents art in a fully immersive environment, installed to flow like a museum installation rather than a series of compartmentalized booths.  In addition, there is a full program of performance art, music and audience participatory installations and happenings intended to offer a memorable experience for the visitor.  It is free, festive, and filled with surprises and goodies for the visitors, who are likely to leave with smiles on their faces and a happy feeling (along with their favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream) in their guts.


 Just Looking Around: "NYC – UnFair Art Show". Mar 2014. Read here.


2012, Chelsea, NYC.

(Art)Amalgamated based in Chelsea, hosted FAIR, an interactive installation of work by Mikel Glass and various collaborators April 21 – May 12, 2012. The concept of the exhibition was a commentary on the existing art market. Collaborators include Simon Azulay, William Powhida, Lisa Levy, Gradon Parish, Eric Doeringer, Jeremy Basescu, Cami Rubach, Rob Paustian, Larry Lustberg, and Daniel Baltzer.


The Untitled Magazine: "MIKEL GLASS EXHIBIT AT (ART) AMALGAMATED – NEW YORK – APRIL 21 – MAY 12",  Apr 2012. Read here.

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